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7 Fruit Combinations You Should Not Eat Because They Can Be Harmful To Your Health.

Fruits is beneficial everyone especially children. However, there are several fruit combinations that can cause discomfort in adults. However, when it comes to children, it might be fatal. In this article, I will be listing out the various fruit combinations that should be avoided as quickly as possible. 

1. Pawpaw with Lemon.

The combination of papaya and lemon can cause haemoglobin issues in the blood. It also increases the risk of anemia, making it unsuitable for children.

2. Carrots With Orange.

The two fruits when combined can cause damage to the renal system, as well as a slew of other disorders. It also causes indigestion and bile reflux.

3. Guava And Banana.

When children and adults consume this mixture, the gases produced in the stomach can make them feel sick. Aside from that, it causes headaches and stomach issues.

4. Oranges and Milk:

Oranges and milk should not be mixed or consumed together because the acid in the orange will damage the enzymes responsible for digesting the starch in the milk. It could also cause the milk to curdle, causing mucus to form in the body, which is bad for your child's health. 

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Carrots With Orange Lemon Pawpaw


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