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13 tricks to overcome stress, anxiety and fear that no one might have told you.

Some days are born simply crooked, stress, anxiety and fear can take over us to the point of blocking us in our daily activities. Science comes to our aid by indicating 13 strategies to put into practice to recover from a day, or a period, not particularly positive:

Breath deeply

Breathing deeply allows us to activate the relaxation response of our body instead of the "fight or flight" typical of stress.

Face your fears little by little

The theory of exposure holds that fear must be lived gradually: in short, if something scares us, let's not face it head on.

Recognize when we are anxious without justification

When something scares us we risk being influenced on different aspects of daily life: that's why we must learn to recognize when it is a justified anxiety or when it is only fear.


Physical activity allows us to calm down thanks to the release of endorphins that improve our immune system and increase body temperature.

Reschedule anxiety

Sometimes anxiety is a matter of point of view. Trying to reconsider an anxious state and evaluating it as an exciting moment helps us reduce stress.

List of pros and cons

When it seems to us that everything is going wrong, making a list of the positive and negative things in our life helps us get a clearer picture of the situation and stop seeing everything negatively.

Recognize when things are going well

Instinctively, we are led to focus on the negative aspects to avoid lowering our guard. Understanding, however, that our brain refers to a future hypothesis and not to the present, helps us to accept that life is going right now so there is no need to worry.


When something goes wrong, we face the problem as if it were a game trying to solve it through other ways.

Understanding priorities

When we are faced with a situation that can be stressful, defining what the most important values ​​are for us allows us to face it more serenely.

Helping others

Taking care of others, through a gentle gesture like keeping the door open, allows us to reduce the load of negative experiences and makes us feel better.

Do meditation

Teaching our brain to focus on the present and not the future or the remorse and regrets of the past helps us to reduce anxiety, depression and fear.

Talk to ourselves

Looking in the mirror, talking to ourselves and encouraging us makes us more confident.

Understand the benefits of stress

Considering stress as an opportunity to get involved, helps us reduce its negative effects.

Content created and supplied by: dr_chysom (via Opera News )


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