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4 Things to Avoid, If You Don't Want to Suffer Memory Loss at Old Age

Memory Loss is a condition that happens to a lot of aged people. Over the years, it has continued to grow more popular and a lot of people tend to start suffering from the same condition even young people.

Although memory loss or dementia is something no one knows how it started to occur but over the years, studies have figured out that the things we do lead to memory loss at a young age.

In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 things to avoid, if you don't want to suffer memory Loss at an old age.

1. Smoking

Smoking is one habit that has a lot of disadvantages to the body, this disadvantages also include it's negative effect on the brain. Experts say that it causes the brain to shrink thereby leading to general memory loss.

If a person doesn't quite smoking at a young age, there are high chances that the person will suffer from dementia later in life.

2. Poor diet

The food a person eats after every part of the body including the brain. This is why even poor dieting contributed to whether you will suffer from dementia or not.

Eating foods like saturated fats, trans fats and alcohol are dangerous for the brain just as healthy foods like vegetables, beans and others are good for the body. So try avoiding excessive consumption of these unhealthy foods. Lack of consumption of foods like vitamin B12 due to eating poor diet could also lead to this condition.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol which a lot of people take in a regular basis also has some side effects on the brain health. According to research, it causes premature degeneration of the brain bit by bit when taken in excess.

It's effect on the brain might take some time but excessive drinking of it over a long period leads to dementia or memory loss generally.

4. Medication

Sometimes the drugs you take can have counter effect on the body thereby having serious side effects on the body. When signs of dementia starts surfacing in your body, go to your doctor for check up.


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