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See 3 important reasons why you should stop eating Pork

So many people are addicted to pork which may be a hard task to quit it. But these are the 3 main reasons why you should really stop.

1) Almost everything are edible to pigs. things like urine, faeces, rotten food, garbage, animal carcasses etc are not exception in listing thing that pigs do eat. This becomes a problem as we all know that pigs digestive system works rapidly and can digest things within the space of four hours. And these time interval are not enough to adequately remove harmful ingested toxins. Now they are stored quickly as fat in the pig cells and organs.

2) The flesh of a pig is likely to have worms. Yes it's true that CDC recommend thorough cooking of pork before consuming it but the problem is, There is no specific temperature noted as a proof to show it now safe to be eaten.

3) They mostly contribute to obesity and Diseases. Mostly pork made products are fully loaded with saturated fats and artery-clogging cholesterol which increases the chances of developing serious illness such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma etc not to talk the consequence when eaten wholly as meat.

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