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What Avocados Can Do To The Reproductive Health Of A Man

Avocados grow in virtually all places around the world. Their utility transcends just eating as they also serve some cosmetic purposes when used in preparation of skin care oils and the rest of them.

Source: Medical News Today

Avocados are known to be beneficial to the human health in various ways but their benefits to the reproductive health of a man is one a lot of people are really unaware of and this article shall open your eyes to some of them.

1. Helps reduce sperm DNA damage

When you eat avocados as a man, contained with an antioxidant which is vitamin E, it helps reduce sperm DNA damage.

Sperm DNA damage is often caused as a result of oxidative stress and is among the causes of male infertility. Reduced fertilization rates, reduced embryo quality as well as higher rates of spontaneous miscarriage and childhood diseases are also possible results of sperm DNA damage. According to Healthline, consumption of avocados can help reduce the chances of having this condition take place because vitamin E content present in this fruit is a very strong antioxidant which helps prevent oxidative stress that could result to it.

2. Helps in bedroom performance

Apart from the fact that it protects from sperm DNA fragmentation, avocado also helps widen the blood vessels and widened blood vessels would encourage quality blood flow to the erectile tissue of the male genitalia so as to promote a strong and quality erection, hence it could be taken before making love with your partner.

Another advantage this fruit incurs to male fertility and bedroom performance is, it contains potassium which helps improve strength as well as libido. Thus consumption of avocados can really be helpful to men.

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Source: Healthline

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