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Lady Burst Into Tears After Being Told To Eat From The Meat She Sells.

The individuals of Okokomaiko witness a staggering events today as a lady hawking assembled meats was encouraged to eat out from what she sells burst into tears however couldn't eat it. 

Her restriction made a whole loads of questionable from spectator who expected to stop to see what was going. 

For what reason will a grown-up be crying since she was encouraged to eat. Someone chose for pay for the meats yet she basically ought to eat from eat. 

The people who had ate this encouraging start to troop in and started shouting she ought to eat from it cause men had eaten from it. All effort is apparently useless as she would not eat from the shifting meat she sells. 

What could have been at risk for this exercises of her, plainly isn't money related considering the way that open minded scour the viral video someone brought out money so she will be paid if she eats from it. Could this be she's disguising something from the people who had eaten from the meat. 

Here are screen capture of certain individuals' response on this rate underneath;

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