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I bet most persons who joined Cultism were never aware of this three things.

Over the years up to this moment, the issue of cultism has be on increase. Despite the punishment and the efforts of our security agency the number of cult killing keep increasing. Cultism was invented into Nigeria for the benefit of students who are persecuted wrongly by some lecturers but now, we are seeing the other side, cultism is now what is destroying our societies due to ignorant of some individuals.

Some innocent people are forcefully initiated while some go there willingly to admits them self to the service of Satan. Cultism is said to be a worldwide epidemic, an evil invasion of the dark kingdom on humanity. This invasion has no connection with the coming of the Anti-Christ. Most people has sold their souls to the devil all in the name of felling high in the present of others and the request for power which will be given to them with right hand and received back with left hand. The funny part is that, Those that are in, are looking for their way out and some ignorant people are still struggling to get in, you can see where the problem lays? And those in, will never tell them the truth of what they are facing. If God has protected you and you are not yet in, please save your life by stop thinking of going.

The following secret are not told until after initiation you will begin to see it yourself. The following are the secret you not be aware of till you are initiated,

(1). As a cultist, Premature and reckless death is inevitable for you, most of them are not aware of this. As a cultist, you are liable to die anytime, even at the initiation ground many people are killed especially when they are caught be security agency.

(2). You stand the chance of huge regret at the end, Almost those that joined cult end up regretting mostly after they are being given deadly assignment to Carry out which can lead to your own death if you refuses.

(3). A Shameful death: as a human being, you have a great value, that is why when you die you get buried, but as a CULTISTS, if you are killed by a rival cult group, it is either you are bathed with acid, roasted alive, heads and legs cut off. In some cases their bodies battered and intestines gutted out and for some again, they are buried alive, for others their two eyes are plucked out.

Cultism for my own view, is a Cancer that will destroy your liver, ruin your life and bring shame to you and your entire family. Be warned, the kingdom of the dark is capable of destroying what so ever you think you have built.

please don't forget to share to create more awareness and save lives.

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