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Avoid Abusing This Common Drug To Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is now common in our environment as we try to meet up with the Western world in our diet without taking the precautions they take to prevent complications associated with what they are doing .The medical name for Kidney stone is nephrolithiasis . Kidney Stones are hard , small deposit in the kidney that causes a severe pain in the flanks and back when these stones are passed during urination . Kidney stone itself don't usually cause permanent Kidney damage , but it can when there are alot of stones . However , Kidney Stones can obstruct the outflow point of urine from the kidney and cause accumulation of urine and other toxic substances and thus results in permanent Kidney damage .

This common drug that causes kidney stones when abused continuously in daily basis is taken by many people especially by girls and children . And probably, that is the only drug they might want to take when they get to the chemist or visit the hospital . This common drug when mentioned , you might be shocked , because probably you might be an abuser of this drug .

The common drug that can cause Kidney Stones and it's been taken by millions is vitamin C , yes vitamin C you know . Vitamin C is one of the commonly abused drug all over the world . Vitamin C is present in fruits , chile pepper , and in many others substances . Please note , the vitamin C present in fruits etc does not cause Kidney stones , however , the vitamin C supplement does .

Vitamin C is a very important substance , it Prevent acute and chronic diseases, it is an antioxidants i.e it help our body in removing toxic substances called free radicals, which we get from smoking , air pollution and many other sources and can make us get old quickly , but vitamin C can take care of it. However , taking the vitamin C drug can do the above functions and can also cause Kidney stones when it is abused , whereas the dietary vitamin C( in fruits) , does the the above job and doesn't cause Kidney stones . So which one would you like to take always. It's so simple , it is more preferable to take dietary vitamin C by eating alot of fruits , as you don't want risk yourself with something that can cause kidney stones , of which the pain is very severe and requires surgery for it's removal .

Vitamin C drug causes Kidney stones because Kidney stones are formed as a result of the presence of crystal forming substances in urine , of which the urine can't be able to dilute . Vitamin C drug is excreted in urine as oxalate , and oxalate is a crystal forming substance , so therefore , taking vitamin C continuously on daily basis without adequate hydration with water result in Kidney stones . Please also note that , water is very essential in preventing kidney stones , if you meet up the daily requirement . Water does not only Prevent Kidney stones , but it makes your kidneys healthy , and also , water plays many other important roles in the body .

Please avoid abusing vitamin C to prevent Kidney stones that present with severe pains , so why not utilize the vitamin C in fruits , chile pepper that does the good job and it is natural with no risk of developing Kidney stones .

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