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Living with PCOS: Is it safe to eat fruits?

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Diet and exercise are vital in the treatment of PCOS. Women with PCOS must pay attention to how foods affect their blood sugar levels because many people with PCOS have insulin resistance, which means their bodies don't utilize insulin adequately.

A low-carb diet can assist with managing insulin resistance and balance hormones which is why diet is very important in treating PCOS.

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Eating fruits with PCOS

Fruits contain carbs and they are also important In maintaining a healthy diet which is why including them in your PCOS diet is a good idea.

The sugar present in fruits is not the same as the sugar you could put in your coffee or bake with. The latter is sucrose, which is a carbohydrate that immediately enters the bloodstream after consumption and it causes a significant increase in blood sugar and insulin levels both of which are problematic for women with PCOS.

However, fruits contain a type of carbohydrate called fructose which is a naturally occurring sugar that takes longer to digest than sucrose as a result, it has different importance in the body. Fruits are also high in fiber which is used by the body to break down fructose for energy. This helps the body break down insulin levels and regulate blood sugar levels.

You are advised to eat fruits you can eat with the skin because they have a low glycemic index. Examples are apples, pears and peaches.

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