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What You Should Know About Malaria

What Is Malaria?

Malaria is a parasitic diease.It's symptoms include fever,chills,sweats,headache, body aches,nausea,and vomiting.The symptoms may sometimes recur every 48 to 72hours, depending on the type of parasite involved and how long the person has had the disease..

How Does Malaria Spread?

1-Malaria parasites-protozoans called Plasmodia-are introduced into the human bloodstream through the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito.

2-The parasite find their way into the infected person's liver cells, where the parasite multiply.

3-When a liver cells ruptures,it releases the parasites,which then invade the infected person's red blood cells.There, the parasites continue to multiply.

4-When a red blood cell ruptures,it releases the parasites,which invade still more red blood cells.

5-The cycle of red blood cells invasion and rupture continues.The infected person typically manifests symptoms of malaria each time the red blood cells rupture.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

If you live in a land where malaria is endemic..

1-Use a bed net or a mosquito net. It should be:

a-treated with insecticide

b-free of any holes or tears

c-tucked completely understand the mattress.

2-Use indoor residual spraying in your home.

3-If possible,install screens on doors and windows, and use air conditioners and fans,which may discourage mosquitoes from settling

4-Wear light coloured clothing that fully covers your skin.

5-Whenever possible,avoid areas of brush,where mosquitoes swarm,and standing water,where they breed..

What More You Can Do

1-Make use of government or community health-care programs .

2-Obtain medication only from authorized sources.(Poor quality or imitation medication can prolong the illness or increase the risk of death).

3-Remove mosquito-breeding sites around the home..

Untreated malaria can cause severe anemia and can quickly become life threatening.Seek medical treatment immediately..

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