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3 Common ingredients That Cures Gonorrhea Completely.

There are so many sexual transmitted disease in Nigeria and the world at large, some of these diseases are so dangerous and kills faster if not handled properly. One of the common sexual transmitted disease in Nigeria is Gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea is a common infection caused by the bacterium Nissieria gonorrhoeae. It is highly contagious, and without treatment, it can lead to life threatening complications.

A pregnant woman can also pass the infection to the baby during delivery, it is mostly transmitted during sex. Pains during urination, milky discharge from private parts, swelling of the genitals, bleeding between periods are all symptoms of gonorrhea.

Males usually notice gonorrhea symptoms between 2-5 says after exposure . Females often do not experience symptoms. If they do, these usually appear up to 10 days after exposure.

Here is how to get rid of Gonorrhea once and for all with natural remedies.

 Get 10 pieces of bitter kola,  5 pieces of ginger tubers and enough lime.


1. Extract the juice from the lime and put in a bottle.

2. Remove the bitter kola shell.

3. Remove the ginger shell.

Blend the bitter kola and ginger to paste, now turn it in the bottle containing the lime juice and leave it for hours.

Usage: half seaman's cup, morning and night until it is finished.

Observations: You will feel uncomfortable every morning you take it, take a look at your urine and see how milky it is, and draws like a okra soup in the first 3 days, after 3 days your body system will get back to normal but make sure you are perfectly okay or go for check up before you stop the medication.

Note: This solution can be taking by male or female, first thing in the morning without food or water and last thing at night, pregnant women should never take this remedy.

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