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7 Benefits of Drinking Beer

Humans for so many years have been drinking beer.

Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermenting cereal grains with yeast and other flavoring agents. Most types of beer contain 5–7% alcohol, but the beverage can range from 0.5–40%.

This content explores how beer benefits man. We all have that belief that consuming alcohol has some negative effect on your health but it depends on the beverage and the percentage of alcohol you take. 

Having one or two bottles of beer a day is fine and it doesn't have any bad effect on your health. Maybe a beverage with 40% alcohol might be too much but having a beer with the normal 5-7%isn't detrimental to human health. But let's dive in to the benefit you get from drinking beer

1. It helps fight Cancer 

2. It lowers the risk of kidney stone

3. It strengthens your bones 

4. It helps grow Beards in men

5. It decreases the chance of diabetes 

6. It helps those suffering from Insomnia 

7. It helps fight stress

But don't forget to stay hydrated after taking a beer. 

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Beards Cancer Insomnia


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