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Drinking Water While Eating Can Be Very Dangerous to Your Body, Read What It Does

One of the most common principles that we have clung to over the years with the help of our parents and guardians is that water feeding is truly healthy. That is, drinking water while eating is extremely beneficial; in reality, drinking water while eating has become a form of table etiquette in some families.

Most of us have done this and lived happily ever after, so who cares if anyone breaks the ice for you? What if I told you today that drinking water while eating, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is highly discouraged by medical studies and research? Drinking water a few hours after eating allows the body to properly absorb the meal. So, in this article, we'll go through some of the harmful effects of drinking water when breastfeeding. Simply unwind and absorb some new stuff.

1. Reduces saliva production; saliva is the first digestive agent. It not only contains enzymes that aid in the breakdown of food in the body, but it also promotes the release of digestive enzymes needed for optimal digestion and absorption of food. However, if you drink water while feeding, your saliva will become polluted, causing a problem or breach in your body's digestion.

2. Acidity; whether you have acid reflux or frequent bouts of acidity, this practice of drinking water continuously while feeding could be the cause. If you value your health and don't want to experience heartburn or moderate burns, it's best to avoid drinking water while eating. It is better to eat first and then wait a few hours before drinking water.

3. Dilutes Gastric Juices: When you eat, your body produces digestive acids that aid in digestion and protect you from minor health issues or germs. These essential juices, however, will be diluted if you drink water while eating. So, drinking water while feeding dilutes the digestive juices released by the body, slowing the process and eventually causing complications.

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