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What drinking hot water every morning does to your body

Water has we know is an essential element of life, we survive and do virtually everything with water, this free gift of mother nature helps provides us with the necessary fluid required for our daily metabolism.  People who are already fans of drinking water or perhaps drinking hot water early in the morning or in the evening before bed time will testify to the following benefits listed below:

*nasal congestion relief; taking hot water when the nasal cavity is blocked with mucous will help loosen the clogged mucous and aid free intake of air, this will work promptly by inhaling the vapour which comes out from your tea cup, this will fasten the healing process, this also helps in curing sore throat caused by mucous buildup in the throat including minor headaches.

*  body calmness; hot water bring a sense of calmness to the body including the nervous system, when the nervous system in a calm state an individual feels lesser pain and ache.

Constipation relief: taking hot water helps the intestinal walls to contract, which propels old waste trapped in the intestinal wall to pass out of the body.

*Aids easy digestion: hot water helps to smoothen and activate the digestive tract,it also help to dissipate or disintegrate food particles your body is having  though time in digesting. Join the train of drinking hot water daily and you can help boost your immune system by adding a slice of lemon.        

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