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Early Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Prostrate cancer affects the tissue of the prostate gland. This cancer can only be seen in men because they posses prostrate gland. Below are early signs of prostate cancer that you should not ignore.

1. Difficult to inability to pass out urine.

Difficulty in passing out urine which is dysuria is one of the common sign of prostate cancer.

2. Blood in semen or urine.

Blood is not suppose to be found in urine (hematuria) or blood in semen. When this happens there is a problem with the prostate gland. It occurs when the tumor grows larger and compresses the urethra(structure the helps pass urine out of the body) or other blood vessels leading to leak of blood into the urethra.

3. Frequent need to pass out urine.

Frequent urination is associated with prostate cancer according to research.

4. Slow or weak urine stream.

Prostate Cancer always present with some problems related to urination, like weak urinary stream, dysuria and paroxysmal nocturnal dysuria.

5. Lower back pain.

Pains from prostate cancer always reflect at the back (lower part).

6.Discomfort in pubic area.

This sign comes in much later after the prostrate cancer has set in. This cancer may present with a dull, deep and stiffness around the pubic area.

7. Swelling in leg.

Prostate Cancer is associated with blood clot that is deep vein of the pelvis which always present with leg swelling.

8. Bone pain.

This is one of the early sign that always present, prostrate cancer spread to the bone and causes change in structure of the bones.

Risk factors.

Risk factors indicate the category of men who are likely to have prostate cancer easily.

• Age 50 years and above.

Men who are above 50 years have a greater chance of having prostrate cancer.

• Family history.

Men whose fathers or brothers have been diagnosed of prostate cancer have a higher chance of having it.

• Obesity.

Men with BMI greater than 30 (obese men) have a higher chance of having prostate cancer.

• High-fat diet.

Food rich in fat content provides a higher risk of causing prostate cancer.

• Alcohol.

Men who consume more alcohol tend to develop prostate cancer compare to those who don't consume alcohol.

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