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Check out 6 Unhealthy Things we have Been doing Wrong in the Toilet

While we use the toilet daily there are some habits we exhibit in the toilet that is wrong and if these behaviours are not put in place they could cause serious problems to our health. Below are some of them.

1. Pressing Of Phones In the Toilet.

It is not a new thing that many people are fond of pressing their phones in the toilet, this habit is bad because you tend to spend a longer time in the toilet.

The more time you spend in there the more you inhale toxic materials into your system. And also sitting too long can cause damage to your lower rectum which can lead to piles.

2. Flush Of Toilet While It is Open.

One mistake we make often is that after using the toilet we flush it while it is open, flushing the toilet while it is open will lead to the accumulation of toxic substances around the toilet. So the best way to flush the toilet is when the lid is closed.

3. Not Washing Of Our Hands Properly.

Ensure that your hands are properly washed after using the toilet, some people just soak their hands inside the water and remove it. The best way is to wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty minutes.

4. Urinating On The Floor Of The Toilet.

Some people prefer to urinate on the floor of the toilet, this is very bad because urine has a very pungent smell (ammonia smell) which is harmful to our respiratory tract.

5. Keep Our Tooth Brush In The Toilet.

One of the awful places to keep our toothbrushes is in the toilet, this is bad because as you flush the toilet small particles from the toilet fly around and settle on your toothbrush. And when you use this infected toothbrush it might cause infection.

6. Forcing Faeces Out Of Your Body

While in the toilet when You noticed that you are having constipation don't try to force faeces out of your body because it might cause haemorrhoids ( injury to your rectum).

7. Not Washing Your Toilet Regularly.

Some people use their toilet for a whole month without washing them, this can cause skin rashes, ensure to wash your toilet at least every week.

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