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Activities and lifestyle that protects the kidney from harm

Every organ of the body has it's purpose and also taking good care of this organ is very important, not know how to protect the kidney could lead to irreversible kidney failure. This guidelines has been medically proving so please kindly read through.

1. Adequate exercise.

Keeping active and fit helps in keeping a healthy kidney.

2. Controlling your sugar intake.

Excessive sugar intake affects the kidney tremendously.

3. Always monitor your blood pressure.

High blood pressure can affect the kidney preventing it from working effectively. Changing of lifestyle and food can help reduce your blood pressure.

4. Always monitor your weight and diet.

Exercise can help in keeping you fit and also a recommended balance diet

5. Adequate water in take.

It is recommended 15.5 cups of water which is 3.7 litters per day. Not having enough water can seriously affect not only the kidney but also our overall health.

4. Taking the right medication's

It's advice you ask your doctor for the right medication's.

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