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Check Out These Four Things We Teach Our Kids That Are Wrong

Childhood is really fun and interesting. Children are taught a lot of things which they believe while they grow up till they become adults.

Although most of them are harmless, these concepts may be false. It may be difficult to get the children to believe otherwise when they adopt such believes. Here are some of the things taught to children which remain widely wrong:

1. Camels store water in their humps

Children were taught that camels store water in their humps and they use their water storage tanks in case of long travels. In truth, camel hump does not store water at all. Instead, it stores fat which allows them to remain nourished during long periods between eating.

2. Swallowed chewing gums stays in the stomach for years

Children were taught to believe that swallowing chewing gum means that it would remain in the stomach for years, forming a large ball as additional pieces are added to it. This is false as gums remain in the stomach to longer than food is digested.

3. Raindrops are shaped like tear drops

The illusion that raindrops are shaped like teardrops is actually wrong. According to NASA, raindrops, as they fall to the earth, are shaped similarly to the top half of the hamburger bun. The change shape as they fall due to many factors such as wind.

4. Chameleons change color to hide from predators

Children were taught to believe that chameleons change colors to match their surroundings so as to hide from their predators. Although it is true that they change colors, it is done to attract the attention of other chameleons and regulate their body temperature.

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