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Why Does Ruqya Works

What is Ruqya?

Ruqya is the act of removing Jinns or Evil spirits from human body through recitation of the Quran. Perhaps, there are a few things such as Musk, Habbatus sauda that most jinns dislike. However, Ruqya can also be performed on someone suffering from the effects of black magic or evil eyes. Note that, Ruqya is not bid'a. It is agreed upon by all the ulamas without exception.

Some people when they are possessed by any of the above, ruqya fails to cure them. So they continue to suffer from the effects.

Why Ruqya fails?

1. Fake Raqi. - Majority of people who performed Ruqya on people are unqualified, unprofessional, and unskilled in the act. They didn't learn it from a true professional. Therefore they only take your money. Someone them are mushrik, they use magic and jinns at the same time

2. Extortion of money - Majority of Raqi today fall under this category. I happen to meet some of them. When a patient is brought to get, they cast some magic in front of you to impress you. Then they will strike an agreement with the Jinn, that the Jinn will go for some time and come back. So that every time the jinn comes back the raqi collects money from you.

3.Wanna be raqi - This one is trying to be Raqi by force. So he doesn't have the sufficient knowledge to perform ruqya. And in most cases he is afraid of the jinn too. And he doesn't know the conditions of doing ruqya. So even if he does it, it doesn't affect the jinn.

4. Misguided Raqi. - He is a professional raqi. He He has all the experience. But he is misguided. Sometimes he take advantage of the female patients and rape them. Sometimes he deliberately refused to cure you bcos he wants to keep benefitting from you.

5. Purely Magician - This one envelopes himself inside the umbrella of Islam. But behind the veil, he is a magician, he has jinns working for him. When a patient comes, they remove the jinn, but replace it with a new jinn.

May Allah protect us from any devilish kind.

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