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Too much fasting causes Ulcer

Fasting should not be hunger strike. Fasting is usually associated with praying. But most of us do go into hunger strike. We are to work with instructions. Assuming your fasting starts by 6 am in the morning, if you can eat before that six o'clock, you have not committed any sin. Do you know why? This is because the instructions given the you says you should fast from 6 am to whenever you are told to stop. So by eating maybe around 5:30 am in morning does not mean you not fasting and praying. If you are fasting, fast with your senses. There are some persons whom their body system is very acidic. If your body produces acid and there is no food in your belly, it will begin to eat up the walls of your intestines. And that is ulcer. 

So my point here is this, instead causing more problems to yourself, it is more better to pray honestly. God is more concerned about the heart you fast and pray with. To me I believe the shorter your fasting, the vibrant you become in prayers. There are a lot of people who would go into a long fasting and end up with ulcer. Some would not even achieve their very aim of fasting. Hunger strike is very different from fasting and praying. 

It's better you fast according to your strength. Don't go into a long fasting because your neighbour is doing it. You are not your neighbour. Your strength and his are not the same. Of crated everyone with different levels of strength. If you want to do like others, you will have issues.

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