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Remember The Woman With The Biggest Pregnancy, See Her Now After Giving Birth

Pregnancy is something that every woman prays for, we all want to be the ones to carry our own babies, and give birth to them. Pregnancy comes with alot of surprises, ranging from the huge baby bump, to the big feet and crazy appetite. Alot of women experience different symptoms, even some bellies are bigger than others.

Lara Carpenter-Beck is known to have one of the biggest pregnancy bumps, her stomach was so huge you would think she was expecting sextuplets. Lara lives in Bristol, England, she got pregnant with her first child in 2013 and was very excited like all new mums.

When the pregnancy was just 12 weeks old, she noticed that the experience she was having was different from other pregnant moms. Her baby bump was growing really fast, to the extent that just at 12 weeks people were asking her when she was due, because her tummy was huge.

Apparently, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, this kind of diabetes occurs when the body no longer produce insulin. Type 1 diabetes can lead to excessive weight gain when a lady is pregnant, Her pregnancy weighed 6 pounds just at 32 weeks.

According to her she had a lot of problems due to the huge pregnancy bump, She said it was hard to sleep and move around with the weight, it was difficult to find the best sleeping position with that huge belly.

After her water finally broke, she was relieved of the weight of her pregnancy, she gave birth through cesarean section. Beck gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl called Savannah, who weighed just nine pounds and five ounces.

See her during pregnancy;

See her now;

God is really great, can you imagine that huge belly see how flat it is now, I pray God grants all pregnant women safe delivery. Please share, like, comment and follow me for more.

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