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Health benefit of being fat or obese

Health benefit of being fat or obese

Many people complain that being fat has made them look hackwork unknown to them that there are some advantages of being fat. Everything that has disadvantages also has its advantage hidden. Only if one can make his or her findings before he or she would be able to discover its advantages. 

 Here are some advantages of being fat that majority don’t know

1. Being fat helps protect the body from trauma: fat in the body provides a barrier against physical trauma

2. Being fat keeps you worm: when you are fat it is like you are wearing an extra cloth, so during cold period it wouldn’t be that easy for cold to penetrate into the body system.

3. Being fat helps to store energy: When there is no food the body absorbs the energy that are stored in the fat to help the person survive, unlike the tin people who do not have enough energy stored in them

4. Being fat is good for vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K are absorbed in the fat tissues in our body.

 Above all moderacy is the best.

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