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2 Medical Conditions Those Who Regularly Eat Pork Are Likely To Face

Pork is the name given to meats provided by pigs. These meats are very tasty in nature and when prepared by an expert you would love it the more. However, the delicious taste offered by this meat could lead a lot of people into consuming it excessively forgetting that too much of everything is bad.

This article shall open your eyes to 2 possible implications of taking pork excessively.

Source: 9jafoodie

1. Tapeworm poisoning

Tapeworms are flatworms whose larvae are usually seen in dirty places. It is of no surprise that they are usually present in pork because of the fact that Pigs reside in dirty places.

When humans consume pork infected with these worms, they would go into our intestines and there they would grow and mature into adults from where they lay eggs. When excessive, it would result to tapeworm poisoning.

Some medical conditions associated with tapeworm poisoning include nausea, abdominal cramps and at the apex of it, intestinal obstruction may ensue.

Precaution to this is, always boil or cook your pork for a very long time before consuming so as to reduce the chances of these worms surviving. Also, curtail the rate at which you buy already prepared ones as most of them are most likely not cooked long enough to have the worms eliminated. 

2. High blood cholesterol levels

High blood cholesterol is a medical condition that occurs when the levels of bad cholesterol in the body is above that of good cholesterol. Pork among other red meats is rich in saturated fats and these saturated fats are among the major sources of bad cholesterol. When high blood cholesterol levels are left unchecked, it could lead to a number of undesirable results and some would include heart diseases, strokes et cetera so it is advised to eat with caution.

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