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UK broadcasting regulatory authority fines pastor Chris.

UK broadcasting regulatory authority, fines Loveworld Television Network €125,000).

The Office of Communications impose the financial penalty, after the programme broadcast of the religious service, They said the programme feature inaccurate and potentially harmful claims about Coronavirus and they didn't provide adequate protection for viewers.

The regulatory body said , that was the second time the broadcaster would break the rules, and a harm to their coverage of covid 19.

The UK broadcasting regulatory authority considers the breaches to be serious, repeated and reckless. That was what made them to impose the statutory sanctions on him.

Investigations finds out that the 29-hours Global Day of Prayer, include statements that claimed that the pandemic was a "planned" event created by the "deep state" for a bad purpose.

He also said in the programme that the vaccine is a means to put nano chips into people, to control and harm them .

Some stamens claim that they we're saying negative informations to deceive the Public about the existence of corona virus .

Others linked the cause of the corona virus to the advent of the 5g network.

They said the legit debate about the official response to the corona virus pandemic is fundamental to hold the public authorities to account during a global health crisis.

They are particularly concerned that this breach ,follows other similar breaches that happened in 2020. During the investigations that Loveworld limited gave a number of assurances that they would improve their compliance to the rules .

However, the accurate and potentialy harmful claim that they made during this ,doesn't have any factual evidence.

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