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List of foods to eat if you have ulcer or want to prevent it

Ulcers are sores that can develop in different parts of the body, but today we are talking about stomach ulcer or you can call it Gastric ulcer

so this are the list of things u should eat to help prevent or treat stomach ulcer


Cabbage is a popular natural ulcer remedy but most people don’t know. doctors reportedly used it decades before antibiotics were produced or available .based on research it is rich in vitamin c, an antioxidant that helps to prevent and treat H pylori infection (this are infection that common cause stomach ulcer.

2. Licorice:

Licorice is a native spice used by Asia and the Mediterranean region. It is also a popular traditional herbal medicine used to treat many conditions .based on studies report licorice root may have ulcer- preventing capability and ulcer fighting properties and it also help to prevent the growth of H.pylori .


3. Honey :

Honey if not the most popular is one of most popular mentioned in this list ,not only sweet but appears to prevent and also promote the process of healing many stomach wounds including ulcer it also contain antibacterial that can prevent or help to fight H.pylori.


4. turmeric:

Another popular south Asian spice used  for cooking and also help in the improvement of blood vessel function it also have the capability to prevent damage caused by H.pylori




 Source : health-line


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