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3 Healthy Nigerian Foods That Can Help You Loose Weight

When it comes to healthy and medicinal foods, I can proudly tell you that Nigeria is one of the most blessed countries. Every healthy food and herbs that helps a person stay healthy can literally be found in Nigeria. Many people are constantly looking for ways to loose weight, because accumulating too much fat and weight on the body is very unhealthy, and can lead to severe health conditions. Both gaining and loosing weight are very dependent on the type of food you consume. There are many Nigeria foods out there than can help you loose weight, especially if you are the type that is looking to embark on a weight loss journey. 

a) Cucumber: Cucumber is a widely eaten vegetable in Nigeria, even though some people often mistake it for a fruit. It's is a low calorie vegetable, that is rich in Fibre, and satisfies the stomach easily. If you are the type that really wants to loose weight, and you have not been including cucumbers into your diet, then you should start eating cucumbers now. It should also interest you to know that they contain anti oxidants that are capable of fighting against cancer and heart diseases.

b) Fresh tomatoes: fresh tomatoes is another commonly eaten vegetable in Nigeria, which is mostly used to make stew and rice. Tomatoes are very healthy for consumption, and have been found to help people loose weight. It reduces inflammation, and also reduces water retention in the body. 

c) Okra soup: this popular delicious Nigerian soup is made from a vegetable called Okra. Okra is high in Fibre, which is very good because fibre helps to regulate bowel functions. It can also help to blood sugar levels and cholesterol. If you are not a fan of Okra, you should definitely try including it into your diet if you want to loose some weight. 

Other Nigerian dishes that can help you loose weight includes ofada rice, yam with tomato Sauce, potatoes, etc.


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