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"Say no to drugs"- Boy misbehaves and disorganize his friends house after taking unknown substance.

"Say no to drugs"- Boy misbehaves and disorganize his friends house after taking unknown substance.

A young man's video surfaced online through an Instagram page named massmedium ng.

The young man whose name is unknown suddenly stood up in the midst of his friends in a room and started misbehaving (turning around on a spot and rolling on the floor).

Voices can be heard in background as some of his friends were saying

"Why you take am?,it's not for kids" while taking the video of their conscious friend.

It's obvious he took the unknown substance because he wanted to feel among.

Out of the group of 5 to 7 friends, two were seated, not bothered and looking weird as if they are also under the influence of drugs.

It's very disheartening to seeing a young boy, behave in such manner while unconscious, as it's has not been cleared if the man is in good condition now or not.

It's obvious the young man needs help as soon as possible.

In a situation where People who are supposed to be our role model (musicians and celebrities) preaching against drugs are even the one forming an unruly group of drug takers.

These days the news of drug intake by youths is quite alarming, as some no longer feel ashame to take all sort of mixtures and unknown substance, not minding the fact that drugs can cause great harm the body, especially once you are addicted.

Drug addiction can cause hair loss, bad breath, stained teeth, liver disease and can also lead to brain damage. 

Some youths find themselves being offered drugs by friends as a teen, they got brainwashed saying they can do the unthinkable after taking it.

Which often lead to issues immediately or in future.

Say no to drugs, you should not be embarrassed by saying no. Leave the place where you might be when you are offered drugs and learn to avoid such environments. And if your friend keeps bringing up the subject, then maybe it’s time to change friends.

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