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Doctor Shares The Effect Of Eating Late At Night

The first doctor recently took to his verified Twitter account to convey a health update today to keep his followers abreast on matters relating to eating in the night. He gave out the reasons why everyone should avoid eating late in the night as many people are fond of doing this. 

Here is a screenshot of his post;

Stop eating late at night.

Stop eating late at night.

Late-night eating can increase your blood sugar levels, cause potbelly, and heartburns.

Don't eat late at night.

Here are the reactions of people to the post; 

I've just eaten and will be up for long. Encourage people to eat and get busy. Even if you eat very early and retire to lie down or don't utilize the energy gotten, it'll still result in all those

I have become so conscious of this, that every time I'm tempted to eat at night, I just remember you Doc and I immediately drink my water and sleep. Thank you.

With this Lagos Nigeria factor, I am not sure if it is possible to leave your office or place of work by 5 pm and get home by 11 pm.

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