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According To Nutritionists, These Are The Top 5 Worst Foods To Eat As Your Breakfast

The importance of breakfast is often touted by many people including health practitioners, with breakfast widely considered the most important meal of the day as it helps to set the body's metabolism process on track for the day. Due to this importance attached to the breakfast, it is often advocated that what is on the menu for breakfast must be healthy, as eating unhealthy foods for breakfast could be much worse than not eating breakfast at all.

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This is because an unhealthy breakfast is capable of leading to sluggishness and weight gain which can, in turn, lead to chronic diseases. Therefore, it is not just enough to stuff your tummy with just about anything you fancy for breakfast, but ensuring that what you eat is not capable of having adverse effects on your health. Unfortunately, many people don't often pay due attention to the foods consumed for breakfast, Thus exposing themselves to certain health issues.

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It, therefore, becomes important to steer clear of certain foods, which according to nutritionists, constitute the worst choice of foods as your first meal of the day. The foods are briefly discussed below:

1. Breakfast Cereals

While many love to settle for breakfast cereals as their first meal of the day due to their taste and ease of preparation, not all breakfast cereals are healthy as many of them have high sugar content and are highly processed, containing only a small amount of whole grains. Their high sugar content can particularly lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

2. Toast With Margarine

It is also advisable to ditch toast with margarine for breakfast due to the low fibre content of the bread due to the refined nature of the flour used in baking them, thus causing a spike in blood sugar levels. Margarine is not also ideal as it contains trans fats that may increase your risk of chronic diseases and heart disease.

3. Muffins

Muffins should also be avoided as the first meal of the day because they are also made from refined flour, eggs, vegetable oil and sugar. Eggs often represent their only healthy component, with other components, especially their added sugar content capable of leading to high blood sugar levels.

4. Flavoured And Low-fat Yoghurt

You should also stop incorporating low-fat and flavoured yoghurt into your breakfast as they are filled with added sugars, which are generally bad for your health.

5. Fruit Juice

Many of the fruit juice sold on the market have little juice but high sugar content due to the presence of high-fructose corn syrup used to sweeten them. This can significantly increase blood sugars, with elevated sugar levels linked to obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type-2 diabetes.

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