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12 Common Mistakes People Make When They Are Young And Regret Them At Old Age

As imperfect beings, we tend to make mistakes in our everyday life, and sometimes these mistakes cause damages which are often regretted at old age. This is due to the fact that as we advance in age, we begin to realize the things that matter the most.

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We have compiled a list of things that most people regret doing or not doing, to help you plan your way through life and avoid regrets when it's too late.

1) Letting what other people think to affect your happiness. As we get old, we begin to realize that what people say or think really has no bearing on our true happiness.

2) Supporting other people's dream or ambition at your own expense. Don't get it wrong! There's nothing wrong with helping others, but making sacrifices at the expense of your happiness and wellbeing is not worth it.

3) Not standing your ground. The fact that other people might not agree with you, doesn't mean you should let go off your own principles.

4) Not spending adequate time with your family and loved ones. Our time on earth is limited, don't take it for granted. Always make out time to be with your loved ones.

5) Letting things bother you too much. You have to understand that life is not always a bed of roses, you'll experience difficulties at some point in life. Just do your best and let nature take its course. Worrying doesn't solve anything, most especially worrying about things you have no control over or things that have not even happened yet, it's completely pointless.

6) Not finishing what you started (Procrastination). Time is a limited commodity, once it's lost it might never be regained. Always finish up when you have the opportunity to do so.

7) Not paying attention to the wellbeing of your teeth. Brushing, flossing and always cleaning your teeth could seem a little bit boring, but remember that if you care for them now, you'll have a better chance of not loosing them when your old.

8) Not paying enough attention to your studies. Education is very important, but what is even more important and most relevant is to learn how to focus on a goal, how to be dedicated to a course and how to apply yourself at every point in life.

9) Being in an unhealthy relationship. One thing you should value above every other thing is your happiness.

10) Not leading a healthy life. Some people spend most of their youthful days living a carefree life, eating unhealthy diets, drinking excessively, depending on hard drugs and then when they start getting old they begin to battle with one illness or the other.

11) Being overwhelmed by what other people expect from you. Parents or loved ones might expect greater achievements from you, but don't let their expectations burden you so much that you forget to chase your own passion.

12) Rushing into marriage, not taking time to choose your life partner or marrying for the wrong reasons. Marriage is one out of three most significant stages in your life, always remember to choose wisely.

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