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Procrastination: Dangers of listening to the biggest thief of success.

Procrastination is ever present in everyone’s life. However, some people identify when it speaks and rebuke it, others listen and obey it. When you obey that voice that tells you to SLEEP a little more when you ought to get up and go to work or for your business, you have welcomed procrastination. 

It is the voice that tells you to defer your pursuit of professional course till next year because “you can’t afford it this year” even when you can. “It is the voice that tells you to forget investment for now “because your income is not very strong and it will discomfort you.” It is the voice that tells you not to start a new business “because it will fail because you don’t have all the wherewithal to succeed.” It is the voice that tells you not to marry “because wife or husband will be a distraction.” It is that voice that tells you to enjoy yourself some more and not to repent now “because you still have time” until it is late. 

Procrastination is simply the voice that keeps you perpetually behind, that ensures you did not do the right thing at the right time and therefore move at less speed with little success of course. It is the thief of most people’s success which they turn round to blame witches and wizards.

Share this message to anyone you love. Tell us one instance where you lost something because of PROCRASTINATION.

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