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7 Safety Tips Which Every Rape Victim Must Do Immediately

If you have been subjected to any sexual abuse, these are the 7 safety measures you should endeavour to do:

1. DO NOT take any bath after it has happened. You’ll be killing any proof that is needed by the doctor for your medical report, that is going to be used in a court of law.

2. Go to the nearest police station and ask to report in a private office, with a police officer of the same gender as you. If you’re male, ask for a male police officer, and vice versa.

3.They will take you to the hospital/clinic, and if it’s possible that you'll be accompanied by a police officer, ask for that option. There’s nothing as painful as walking through a hospital full of people who already know you’re a victim of rape because you’re walking with clothed police officers.

4. The medical personnels will do these tests on you:

I) HIV test.

Ii) Swab test to take up DNA, if the violator didn’t use a condom.

Iii) STD/STI tests.

Iv) They also check if the hymen was broken, in a case where the female victim is a virgin.

V) Any cuts, in case the rapist used foreign objects like magonyana and metals.

Vi) All bruises and wounds in your body.

Please, ensure all of the tests mentioned above are available. IF NOT, look for these things from any other hospital because if you don’t have a complete test kit, a court case won't make any sense at all!

5. Never agree to go home, and come back the following day alone for pills that prevent HIV. Most often, people do returnto hospitals the following day alone, only to learn that they cannot be assisted without the presence of police, and those that aren’t strong enough never voice out, which makes them get pregnant, and end up with HIV, at the end.

You must let the hospital attendants know that you need the report that same day! Please, this is very important!

6. The least thing you can do if you’re not bold enough to voice out, is to buy pills that prevent HIV before 72 hours. But, don’t forget that you also need some kind of proof, for the rapist to face the consequences of his actions, someday.

7. Don't forget to report them. If you don't report them, you’re also letting them get away with a lot of things. They are also raping other people, out there!

On a final note, I've heard a lot of stories about how nurses do treat rape patients at hospitals! All I can say is take their name, and report them. We don't need such people in the healthcare system. The same person who’s supposed to help you with the much needed sensitivity, shouldn't be treating you with disdain.

Thanks for reading!

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