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3 Serious and deadly complications of Heart Attack you should know

Once in a while, we get to hear of heart attacks amongst some persons in the neighborhood or workplaces, so it's pertinent to discuss the context and its complications.

A heart attack is a serious health problem in which the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked, due to a blood clot.

Here, the insufficient blood supply to the heart may seriously damage the heart muscle and this can be life-threatening. Amongst the causes, Coronary heart disease is the leading reason why heart attack strikes.

Let's take a look at some of the common symptoms of a heart attack:

Chest pain

A pain that feels like it's being pressed by a heavy object, and pain can move from the chest to the jaw, neck, arms, and back.

Shortness of breath

Here, there's a feeling of weakness or lightheadedness, or both.

Feeling anxious

There may be an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear.

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It's worthy to know that not everyone experiences severe chest pain, furthermore, the pain can often be mild and mistaken for digestive problems like indigestion.

The complications often depend on: age, 

the severity of the attack, and how long it took before a person received medical treatment.

3 serious and life-threatening complications of a heart attack include;

Arrhythmias: These are known as abnormal heartbeats. An occurrence of cardiac arrest where the heart begins beating faster and faster then stops beating.

Cardiogenic shock: Another serious complication, the heart's muscles are severely damaged and no longer contract well to supply enough blood to maintain a lot of body functions.

Heart rupture: The heart's muscles, walls, or valves burst and this can be very life-threatening. That's why urgent medical attention is needed when someone has a heart attack.

These complications can happen quickly following a heart attack and can result in the death of the person. So sadly, many people die immediately from complications of a heart attack before reaching the hospital or within a few months after a heart attack.

Guard your heart!

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