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5 Reasons Why Doctors Give Injection In The Buttocks

Injection is unarguably one of the easiest ways of introducing medicine or substances into the body. If you are going through a serious sickness like Malaria, and you want it to leave your body faster, then taking Malaria injection might be the best option. This is because when the substance is introduced into the body via injection, it assimilates into the body very quickly and attack the sickness. Injection is also used by drug addicts to inject hard substances such as cocaine into the body, to achieve "highness". Have you ever wondered why most injections given by doctors are given through the buttocks or anus? Well, for the purpose of this article, we are going to be looking at some of the main reasons why doctors mostly give Injections through the Anus.

a) The buttocks is the thickest part of the human body, and has fat in it, making it a very good spot to give someone injection by a doctor.

b) Some of the vaccines and medicine are fat soluble, meaning that they should be given in the buttocks because the buttocks contain fat. But the vaccines that need to go into the muscle tissue is usually given in the arm.

c) One of the main reasons why injection is given in the buttocks is because, the buttocks area is free from major nerves or blood vessels, making it a more safer place of administering injection to someone.

d) I know you might be scared of taking Injection in the Buttocks, but what you may not know is that the buttocks is a less painful part of taking injection than other parts of the body, mostly because of the enough muscle the area contains.

e) Lastly, the buttocks takes more volume into the body, than the arm, this is because of the enough amount of gluteus ( buttocks muscle) that the buttocks contain.


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