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How to Quickly Attend to Asthmatic Patient During Crisis Without Inhaler. See Details

This is a natural ways of attending and helping an Asthmatic Patient, during crisis without having his or her inhaler around. This particular sickness has killed many people of which some of the death could have been avoided, if there is a person who understands how you can attend to the asthmatic Patient having Crisis without inhaler.

Many here might even ask the question what is Asthma, i only heard of it and never knew it could be so deadly untill when I lost a friend of mine, who was having crisis and the people who were with him didn't know what to do, and his inhaler was no where to be found in the house, they rushed him to the hospital and after some times, the Doctor comfirmed him death, what a death that could have been averted if only the people around him at that particular time understand how this natural remedy works.

I went home, explained to my mum and she was sad over the death of my friend and she immediately taught me what I am about to tell you, in case you know of any one having an Asthmatic attack, a friend, brother, sister or even a neighbor, help them out with this method or ask someone close to him or her to do it if you can't do it yourself.

First of all, Asthma attack is when a person is having difficulty breathing, chest Pain, cough and even sneezing, it actually means that the person's airways has become inflamed, which result to difficulties in some cases, it may lead to a lifethreatening attack of which they person might not make it just like my friend who died of it.

Normally, any Asthmatic Patient is seen with inhaler, it is to treat or control it, which prevents the symptoms from resulting to a higher risk, once you see them coughing continuously and sneezing and finding it difficult to breath, they will bring out their inhaler and pumps the air in their mouth.

Now, when you see any Asthmatic Patient struggling or finding it difficult to breath, first of all, make sure you help the person out to where he or she can get air, an open space, then avoid people coming to crowd the place, then if he's a male and you are also a male, rushing to buy inhaler at that time might be too late, kindly pump air into his mouth by putting your to his and pumping the air continuously untill he's revived.

If you are also a female, do like wise to your fellow girl and save her from dying, if you are not to close to him or her, kindly tell whoever that is close to him or her to do this continuously on him or her, trust me, as God, as long as you keep pumping the air from mouth to mouth, the person must be revived. That's the easiest way to revive an Asthmatic Patient suffering attack or helpless.

With this knowledge you have gathered from this post, i assure you by the help of God, you shall use it to save more and more people. Please don't stop yet, leave a comment about this post below, and kindly share the post so as to get to as many that need to see this post, and by doing so, you have also started saving lives. God bleaa you.

Content created and supplied by: Oluwa-Much (via Opera News )

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