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How to Prevent High Blood pressure

It is pertinent to take care of our health very well. High Blood pressure can be defined as a state of being in high emotional tension

Prevention, no matter your schedule ,always find time to rest well ,drink enough water daily,stop worrying. Also reduce your intake of fatty foods and as well eat less of red meat.

Try to avoid eating of uncooked salt . Try as much as possible to make sure that your salt is cooked before eating. Some people are fond of putting raw salt into their food after the food must have been served , it is not advisable to be doing such in the sense that the salt is not cooked .

Natural Remedy ; there are some natural Remedy to apply if a person is hipertensive .

Such a person should take this steps

Get Mistletoe flower ,it's seed

Preparation; put the Mistletoes flower in a pot of water and add grinded avocado seed powder to it and boil for up to an hour .

Then remove it from fire and allow it to cool down for about ten minutes . Afterwards serve

Note drink two times in a day after food .

We can also use natural packaged remedy : get mistletoe tea or organic ginseng tea ( original) and prepare and add honey to taste .

Drink it morning after food and in the night .

Note ; there are some natural fruits or veggies that are good for an hipertensive person to be eating ,fruits like mango , tangerine African apple are also good for them .

Vegetable ike water leaf , is good for an hipertensive patience

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