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Symptoms the body gives to show you have sexually transmitted diseases

According to ClevelandClinic, Diseases including HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, as well as chlamydia, among others, can be passed from an infected person to a healthy one through unprotected sexual contact; together, these illnesses are known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

When the disease is first developing, not all infected people show symptoms. When the condition worsens it could lead to symptoms.

If sexually transmitted diseases manifest, some possible symptoms are listed below from ClevelandClinic:

1. A lump, sore, or wart on or around the mouth, genitalia, or anus.

2. Swelling and redness anywhere around the male or female body part.

3. Skin rash.

4. Intense discomfort during urination.

5. Weight loss watery stool, night sweats.

6. Discomforts such as aches and pains, a high temperature, and shivering.

7. jaundice, also known as skin yellowing.

8. Expelling fluid from a sex organ (vaginal discharge might produce an odor).

9. uterine bleeding that does not coincide with a menstrual cycle.

10. Experiencing discomfort during sexual activity.

11. Extreme itching around the genital area.

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