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5 House Works People Who Are Up To 60 Years Should Do Every day To Avoid Memory Loss Diseases

As people age, their body metabolism declines, their bone density reduces, and their organ and brain function declines. Certain diseases like, Alzheimer's can cause people to lose their memory. This memory loss disease usually affects people who are up to 70 years and above. However, people who are as young as 60 years can begin to experience memory loss which manifests itself through forgetfulness.

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Suffering from memory loss diseases like, Alzheimer's can make a person's old age terrible, it can also make the lives of the people around them borderline miserable especially, since there are no care homes in Nigeria where their loved ones can send them to.

Memory loss diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's can not be prevented or, cured however, studies have shown that, low key domestic tasks can lower the risk of memory loss disease especially, if these tasks are done everyday.

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Here Are Five Housework People Who Are Up To 60 Years Should Do Everyday To Avoid Memory Loss Disease

1. Cooking: cooking is probably the most common housework in people's home because, food is a basic necessity of life.

Studies have shown that, cooking often reduces people's risk of having memory loss diseases like, Alzheimer's.


2. Cleaning: cleaning is another household work that is done regularly to keep the house neat and sparkling.

People who are up to 60 years should do household cleaning like, cleaning surfaces and floors regularly because, it helps protect them from Alzheimer's disease.

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3. Organising: organizing can be very therapeutic. People who are up to 60 years or even less should, engage themselves with organizing activities such as folding clothes, arranging shoes, arranging books, organising your kitchen etc.

Tidying and organizing is highly recommended for older people because studies have shown that, it reduces their risk of developing memory loss diseases.

Image: The Spruce

4. Gardening: gardening is simply the process of planting, tending, and cultivating plants like, flowers, herbs, and vegetables in a small scale.

Gardens do not require much land, a land the size of a center table is enough to garden. Studies have shown that, gardening very often reduces the risk of memory loss diseases.

Image: The Active Times

5. General Housework: general housework, like sweeping, lifting things, clearing grass, mowing lawns, washing clothes etc are highly recommended as they help to reduce the risk of memory loss diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.

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