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Do You Know There Are Ways We Use Our Phones That Are Very Harmful To Our Health? See Reasons

As much as you might want to argue,technology has been a blessing, and at the same time a curse to is a blessing because it has created a platform for us to relate and understand ourselves, culture , and way of life,even at a very long distance.and has made most of our stressful activities more easier, and saves time and energy. and it is a curse because little traits passed onto us,is being erased and modified as time goes on,and our (only ) planet is paying the price for it.

So in this article,we will be discussing some of the ways our phones can affect our health, or can contribute to diseases been transferred to our body.please help us grow,hit the FOLLOW button at the top of the Page .

* This might come as a surprise to many people,but a research has shown that our phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.we humans have become addicted to our phones,and we carry it everywhere we go.when we cook ,we take our phones with us and little particles of food on our hands end up on our phones. you might say you wash your hands when you cook,but we all know that it is hard for people this days to go 12 minutes without checking their phones ,even when we are working sometimes. we take our phones with us even when we go to the toilet,and little bacteria from surfaces in the toilet,stick to our phones, and we know that this bacteria cannot be seen with our naked eyes,so we end up transferring this bacteria to different parts of our body,which really affect us afterwards. people we give our phones to,can really contribute in bringing this germs. Our friends and family go on with their activities,and they transfer what ever germs they might have carried on their hands ,to our phones.

*Radiation from our phones can cause tumour in our brains. research has shown that our phones emit radio frequencies,that can be absorbed by tissues close to the phone,and the more we use our phones , the more exposed we become to this radiation.the solution to this ,is for us to try at all times to keep our phones as far as possible, especially when Making calls,(using your headphones in receiving calls is also a recommended idea). A cancer has been linked to phones,but since it takes Long (10 and more years)for cancer to develop, we would have to wait for years of research, to prove this facts.

*Plugging your head phones when charging can cause electrocution . most people don't know that small amount of electricity is being transferred to our headphones when we use them and charge at the same time, and certain increase in the current can lead to us being electrocuted(shocked).it is advisable to use before you charge it, or after you charge ,but not when charging.

We all know that,fighting an addiction is not something you do at takes gradual process and discipline to overcome it. it is normal to be charged after reading articles like this,but our advice to you is to take it one step at a time,and at the end you will be doing yourself and your health good.please LIKE and SHARE with family and friends.and also COMMENT,we would love to know your thoughts on this.

Pictures from this Article are courtesy of Google.and for more,you can visit www.cancer.g ov, , Google,. thank you very much.

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