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Stop Putting Spoons In The Mouth Of Your Convulsing Child, See 5 Things To Do As First Aid

Seeing a child convulse can be really frightening. Knowing what to do will help to dissipate the fear and anxiety. 

Convulsion is a symptom. It is seen as a physical, jerky, uncontrollable movement. It can occur in any age group. However, the cause varies from age to age. 

In young children ranging from 6 months to 6 years of age, the commonest cause is high fever. This type of convulsion is called febrile convulsion. 

Other causes include epilepsy, tumours, bleeding within the brain, and injury resulting from trauma to the head. 

What do you do when a child is convulsing? 

Many parents and, indeed, all adults are at loss on how to help a child convulsing. Below are 5 things you can do to help a convulsing child:

1. Do not panic

Panicking have a way of interfering with your thought process and affecting your memory. The first thing you need to do is to keep calm and assess the situation. Begin timOMG the convulsion.

2. Create a safe environment 

While a child is convulsing, they are unaware of their environment. Therefore, all harmful objects in the child's way must be removed. 

3. Place the child on his/her side

Place the child on his/her left side and tilt the head upwards. This will prevent the child from choking and help shorten the duration of convulsion. Also, place a soft pillow under the head to prevent injuries to the head. 

4. Do not put anything in the mouth 

Desist from inserting any object (spoons, spatula or your finger) into the mouth of the child. Inserting the object will not stop the convulsion. Also, if you tilt the head upwards, the tongue will be safe. 

5. Call for help

If emergency services are readily available in your region, call the help lines. For Nigeria, it is 112. If it is not, take the child to the clinic as soon as the convulsion stops. 

Remember, do not panic and do not put anything in the child's mouth. 

Thank you for reading. Please share to create awareness. 

Content created and supplied by: Avivaz (via Opera News )


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