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No Link Between Blood Clots And Covid-19 Vaccine Despite Reports -Dr Olufunmilayo Tweets

Following numerous speculations about the Covid-19 vaccine, many individuals has stated lots of things about the vaccine via social media platforms.

The vaccines has long arrived at Nigeria and so many people has started taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, there has been several speculations about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr Olufunmilayo has cleared waves from such speculations thereby delivering a concrete statement backing it on Twitter.

@DrOlufunmilayo on Twitter stated "There were reports of blood clots associated with the Covid-19 vaccine. Especially in Europe.

This is to reassure the public that UK regulators and the European Medical Agency have now both said these cases have been investigated and there is no link between the vaccine and clots."

@DrOlufunmilayo on Twitter stated "This is for those who are too impatient to read beyond headlines. Please read this so you don't embarrass yourself, misinform yourself and misinform the public."

@OritzSecurities on Twitter stated "Not entirely Doc according to the below. I'd still take the vaccine when offered as I know what I went through when covid struck me."

@NoahBarr on Twitter stated "I mean no disrespect but then again there has been a record of 7 new cases of blood clots in the UK after taking the Astrazeneca jab... Several cases in the EU earlier on and this UK own is new and you are telling us there is no link."

@ICBlog_com on Twitter stated "Conspiracies and controversies everywhere."

@itseme73 on Twitter stated "There is a thin line between unnecessary fear and reasonable doubt."

@Ursu222 on Twitter stated "Thanks Doc for clarifying this. Here in Canada that particular vaccine is only used for people aged 55+ perhaps to avoid any risk in younger people."

@BaduJosephDani2 on Twitter stated "For how long willt hey continue to say no link? It is well sha."

@jossytech4u on Twitter stated "So why blood clots happened when vaccine was given."

Source: @DrOlufunmilayo on Twitter.

Content created and supplied by: Thejournalist (via Opera News )

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