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Meet The 8 Years Old Boy That Looks Like An Old Man

The world is full of lots and lots of strange illness people don't know about, most people think that the only disease that exist are Hiv or maybe Malaria. They don't know more strange disease are in existence, diseases like Were wolf Syndrome, progeria and many more.

Strange cases like these are not found in Nigeria for now, they are mostly found in India and other parts of they world. You would hear cases of children born with 4 heads, kids that don't grow, young kids in adult body and many more.

Such is the case of this little 8 years old not called Bayezid Hossain, he was born in the year 2012, in Bangladesh. He has a strange condition that makes him look older than his age, it makes him look like a really Old man.

The name of his strange disease is called Progeria, this disease caused one to have sagging skin, weak bones and a body of an old person. He doesn't go to school due to the fact that people are scared of him, it is weird seeing a little boy look this way.

He is not an old man, he is just a kid who has been robbed of his childhood, despite that his parents still love and take care of him. See more pictures below;

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