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10 Things That Make A Woman Age Fast And Ways To Reduce It

Let's get rid of the annoying question straight away: no, an article on aging is not intended only for those who look at themselves in the mirror every morning while thinking the same thing: "she wasn't there yesterday. , if ? ". Whether there are visible signs or not, aging affects us all. Beyond the visible, metaphysical and psychological aspects, hides a microscopic reality common to all living things: cellular aging. This cold and relentless process is materialized by complex mechanisms linked to our genetic heritage, which is the very source of everything that characterizes us (1).

Behind the visible signs of aging is a process of which we are only just beginning to glimpse the mechanisms, and which starts at the level of our DNA ...


The question of aging has always fascinated humans, and the reason seems obvious: identifying the "original" causes of aging would open the way to a direct intervention that could lead to the absolute Grail: eternal life. But don't worry, we're not there yet, even if some people believed in it very strongly in the 90s (remember DHEA?). As often, ignoring the hustle and bustle, the research is moving forward. Recently, a study published in the journal CELL highlighted the 9 imprints of cellular aging (2). These 9 phenomena which take place in the depths of your cells ultimately lead to the morning ritual mentioned above, or even to certain diseases. Hang on your seatbelts, it will get technical, but it's for a good cause.

9 cellular causes have recently been identified as the origin of the aging process.

Primary brands: aging on the scale of our DNA

1. Genomic instability. Damage to our DNA accumulates with age and alters the code that allows cells to reproduce, thus causing major cell dysfunction.

2. Reduction of telomeres. Have you heard of Elisabeth Parrish? Sorry "Liz '" Parrish? She runs a start-up whose genomic technology would make it possible to lengthen our telomeres and slow down aging. Telomeres protect the end of our chromosomes. With age they deteriorate, the chromosome is exposed and can be altered. An altered chromosome poorly transmits genetic information causing fatal errors. For the record, Liz '(it's okay we're friends) had her treatment applied in a secret clinic in the US. We let you judge the result . The discovery of telomeres and their impact on aging still led to a Nobel Prize in 2009 for E. Blackburn (3,4). Like what Liz 'knows very well what she is doing.

3. Epigenetic alterations. An epigenetic alteration is like a piece of tape placed on a vinyl, which would blow up the music. It prevents your chromosome from expressing the production of certain essential proteins.

4. Disturbance of proteostasis. It's the proteins that go off the rails. Their functions and characteristics are disrupted, leading to aggregation, accumulation or even toxicity (5).

The leader of the American start-up BioViva injected herself with a genomic treatment that lengthened her telomeres. She thus claims to have biologically rejuvenated by 20 years.

Secondary brands: direct consequences of primary brands

5. Deregulation of nutrient detection. The body does not know how to use nutrients well, which can lead to certain diseases (for example: diabetes).

6. Dysfunction of mitochondria. These small power plants are crucial in the functioning of the organism. Disruption of mitochondria = guaranteed cellular disruption.

7. Cellular senescence. The accumulation of errors in their reproduction results in damaged or even non-functional cells.

The final causes: the most "visible"

8. Stem cell depletion. A decrease in stem cells is a guaranteed acceleration of tissue degradation (muscle, bone, nervous, skin, etc.).

9. Impairment of cellular communication. With age, cells communicate less well with each other (hormones, molecules of the immune system, etc.), and no longer react effectively when necessary (inflammation, detection of toxins, etc.).


taken from (2)

For anyone who does not (yet) believe in gene therapy for rejuvenation, a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and nutraceuticals is a good start.


As you will have understood, aging is a complex and multifactorial process. Although during aging, the body's defensive capacities naturally decrease (6), we are not all equal in the face of this cruel mechanism: stress, pollution, dietary factors, level of physical activity. impact aging. And while our lifestyles are an undeniable key, there are solutions that can help the body slow down this process. A balanced diet is an option (although difficult to implement perfectly), nutraceuticals can help (7,8). No need to call Liz 'to get a genomic treatment injected at a top-secret clinic in the United States!

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