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Opinion: Important Benefit Of Jute Leaf (Ewedu)

"Important Health Benefit Of Jute Leaves"

Nature and God gave us Ewedu Leaves known as ( Ewe Abiwere)meaning (leaf of safe delivery). It's call Jute leaves in English language, Igbo call it "Achingbara" Hausa call it "Lalo" and its botanically known as Corchorus Olitorious. God has indeed bless us with herb.... "It is simple nature". It has been observed especially among Yoruba speaking community of Nigeria that pregnant women who eat ewedu soup made from jute leaves frequently experience quick, smooth, almost painless delivery.

For Easy Delivery: When a pregnant woman is having a hard labour, get a bunch o draw leaf( Ewedu) and squeeze with the stem for once and let her take it; It will lubricate the system for easy delivery. It also good for prevention from six month pregnancy.

    How To Prepare It For Easy Delivery.

1 Gather this leaf, preferably the fresh one,   

  wash it properly.

2 Add little water, squeeze it properly and  

  filter it to get the juice.

3 Drink it without adding anything to it.

Note: Please, this is not meant for 2 to 6 month pregnancy. The leaf may not the potential acid to terminate the pregnancy but it can sanction the baby to come premamurely.

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