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5 Signs Experienced By Men Who Have HIV

HIV is a word form for Human ImmunoDeficiency Virus. This virus continues to be an international public health issue and has claimed millions of lives to this point.

HIV has no cure, however, with the increasing accessibility of effective HIV medication, diagnosis, treatment, and health care. This has made HIV infection to be managed by people living with and help them live longer.

People will contract HIV through contact with bodily fluids such as:

• Blood.

• Semen.

• Body part fluids.

• Breast milk.

Men infected with HIV typically experiences sure symptoms such as:

1. Muscle ache

HIV infection typically ends up in joint and muscle pain, along with with with side inflammation of joints and soft tissues around your joints. The virus will enter the fluid within your joints and cause painful reactions. HIV may also result in pain, inflammation, or make joint harm degenerate.

2. Persistent migraines

Research conducted on two hundred patients with HIV has shown 53 percent reportable headache symptoms, with 95 percent of those joined with a primary headache syndrome (migraine or tension headache).

3. Sore throat

Patients who have HIV infection (acute retroviral syndrome) also experience sore throats.

4. Night sweats

Night sweat is sometimes experienced by men with HIV since their body works more durable to repair itself in periods of deep sleep.

5. Fever

People who have HIV infection can probably begin to experience symptoms of HIV at intervals 2 to 4 weeks once getting the virus. Continuous fevers could also be the primary symptoms they experience.

Once you start to notice these five symptoms endeavor to go to your doctor for immediate medical aid.

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