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6 Foods To Avoid In Order To Have A Healthy Brain

There are foods which are of utmost importance to humans, while others are just sweet foods that are only meant to cause your body harm. Some certain foods help build your body's metabolism while some others serve the purpose of bringing our metabolism down.

Sugary Drinks

If you want to have a healthy brain, you'll have to totally eradicate sugary drinks from your diet. Sugary drinks do nothing than to increase your brain sugar levels, promote poor bison and reduce your brain capacity.

Refined Carbs

These are carbs that have passed through various processes like addition of artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Consumption of refined carbs not only reduces or retards the normal functioning of your brain, it also increase your chances of having Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Foods High In Trans Fat

Foods which are high in trans fat always have the tendency to reduce your good cholesterol levels, leaving your body gasping for breathe because bad cholesterol has clogged the system. These foods have also been associated with cases of heart attack and brain malfunction.

Highly Processed Foods

This group of foods need to be avoided as much as possible. Just like foods which are high in trans fat, highly processed foods also increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. They have also been associated with adversely affecting brain development.


Alcohol has been linked to a whole lot of nasty diseases and infections. The dangers of alcohol can never be over emphasized. Alcohol is not good for you nor your brain.

Fish High in Mercury

Fished high in mercury as much as possible because they cause a whole lot damages to the body's system, damages including mood swings, tremors, depression, numbness, loss of motor skills amongst others are bound to set in when these sort of fishes are consumed regularly.

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