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Try Out These Healthy Body Hacks and See What Happens To Your Body

Being Healthy is very important and your ability to cure minor diseases at home at the early stages is equally important. So let me show you some of the easy healthy body hacks you can do at the comfort of your home.

15 Healthy Body Hacks

1 . Recipe for Cough drop:

All you need to cure that cough at the early stage is these: Sugar, water, honey, lemon juice, ginger and cloves. Put all these ingredients together into a pot, leave to boil for some minutes, then drink it hot. This works wonder for Cough.

2 . Easy Way To Get Rid Of Toothache:

Mix some salt, cloves and water in a boil, put this mixture on a cotton pad and apply to your tooth and wait 2 minutes then rinse off. This get rid of the ache.

3 . How to prevent black eye Appearance:

In order to Prevent black eye Appearance, do the following: Pour half a cup of rubbing alcohol, add one cup of dish soap, put it in a plastic bag and allow to freeze, when it is ready, apply it to bruised spot.

4 . In the case of a Headache:

When you have an headache, you can simply hold a pencil with your teeth, it helps to relax your jaw muscles and therefore reduces the pain.

5 . When you are struggling with Mosquitoes:

Cut some Couples of lemons in halves and put cloves in them. Place them on your nightstand and forget about the nasty mosquitoes.

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Cough Easy Way To Sugar Toothache


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