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Intolerant to lactose? Here are alternative milks you can drink

If you are intolerant to lactose, you may think that consuming milk is out of the question for you. Lactose is found in most dairy products like milk, cheese, and butter, many are staples in an everyday diet. If you have been told you are unable to consume lactose and you think you have to compromise on your favorite dairy products, you don’t have to. The awareness around being intolerant to lactose has meant the creation of many milk alternatives to fit around this.

Here are 3 alternatives kinds of milk you can drink.

Soy Milk; The National Academy of Sciences recommends that both men and women 19 to 50 years old should get about 1,000 mg of calcium every day. That translates to about three glasses of milk a day. Since milk and other dairy products account for the majority of calcium in the typical American diet, what can you do if you have lactose intolerance? One option is soy milk fortified with calcium, which may have up to 500 mg of calcium in a serving.

Almond Milk; Almond milk feels just like regular cow milk when it comes to texture. However, almond milk’s color is beige and it literally tastes like almonds (what do you expect). The only downside is that 8 oz of almond milk only contains 1 gram of protein. But thankfully you can actually get more calcium and Vitamin D and E than regular cow milk.

Coconut Milk; Coconut milk makes a good milk alternative for anyone that has an intolerance to lactose as it is naturally lactose-free. It is made by grating the white flesh inside a mature coconut and soaking it in hot water. It is dairy-free which means it is suitable if you are vegetarian, following a vegan diet, or lactose intolerant.

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