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What Every Lady Should Avoid During Their Menstrual Flow

According to research from Healthline, there are a few things every lady should avoid during her menstruation cycle, to also help lower her risk of contracting infections, and those things/activities to avoid are listed below.

1. One of the things a lady should avoid when seeing her menstrual flow, is the mindset of relying on just one pad per day. Such behavior can increase a lady's risk of some infections of the private organs because most bacteria are gotten from such act.

Using just one pad the whole day, can result in skin rashes around your private part, and also cause some unpleasant odor. It is good to change when soaked by sweet or working for the day, or when weak as well, than using one for an entire day.

2. Another thing a lady should avoid when on her period or menstrual flow, is shaving of her pubic hair. Every lady should not shave her pubic area because she is at higher risk of skin irritation and infections.

3. Lastly, a woman on her period should stay away from smoking, and drinking of caffeine because they can lead to an increase in severe cramps and discomfort.

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