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Basic Tips On The Preparation And Health Benefits Of Locust Beans

Dawa-dawa, the Hausa name for the fermented paste made from the seeds of the African locust bean tree (Parkia biglobosa) is a widely used ingredient in soups in the semi-arid regions of West Africa. With a very distinctive odor and taste, the perceived palatability of dawa-dawa has decreased over the past few decades, a shift in taste that has occurred alongside the increased availability of industrially produced bouillon cubes marketed for soup preparation.  Locust bean, commonly referred to as iru by Yorubas, ‘ogiri’, ‘dawa dawa’ by Igbos, is a local seasoning or condiment used in soups and stews. A very popular soup ingredient, globally, it is referred to as African locust bean with the botanical name as Parkia biglobosa. It is not easy to look at, and the smell is unpleasant – at best. These aside, Locust Bean is the single, most significant ingredient guaranteed to take your soups, stews or mixed vegetables from just okay to great.PRODUCTION...Fermented locust beans is a common traditional condiment in Nigeria, and other West African countries. We call it “iru” in Yoruba land, it is called “dawa dawa” in Hausa, and “ogiri okpe” in Igbo. It is also known as “sumbala”, “netetou”, and “kainda” in some parts of Africa. Most traditional stews, sauces and soups will not be complete without this pungent condiment.Locust beans are seeds obtained from the pods of the African locust tree; Parkia biglobosa, which belongs to the family Mimosaceae. African locust bean is sometimes called carob because of the similarities in appearance, but they are different from each other. Carob comes from Ceratonia siliqua tree, which is typically found in the Mediterranean. It is also called Mediterranean locust beans, which explains the confusion between the two.Mediterranean and African locust beans are used differently. Mediterranean locust beans pods are dried and processed into carob powder which could be used as an alternative to cocoa powder. Carob bean gum is also used to make thickeners and stabilisers for the Food Industry. Most of the parts of the African locust beans are utilised as food in some form or the other in West Africa, with the most prominent being the seeds. These are fermented into the condiment, iru (dawa dawa). The yellow pulp contained in the pod is very sweet and is also eaten.HEALTH BENEFITS OF DAWA DAWA[1] GOOD VISION.....Due to the natural ingredients and nutrients found in African locust bean, therefore, consuming it will help to have a better vision especially people with eye issues like cataract, minus eyes and myopia.[2] IT CAN TREAT STROKE.....Stroke is when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted which is fatal. Research shows that consuming a good amount of African locust bean will definitely help you against such sickness.[3] REDUCE CHOLESTEROL ....Cholesterol which can cause some blockage within the blood vessels can lead to heart issues. Eating locust beans can help your body control the amount of cholesterol found in our bodies.[4] TREAT DIARRHEA...Because of the amount of tannin found in African locust bean, it will heal diarrhea, which is a gastrointestinal disorder with the symptoms of frequent watery bowel movements. Consuming African locust beans will help you relive diarrhea.[5] TREAT HYPOTENSION....Hypertension also referred to as high blood pressure occurs when is a long-term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently increasing above the normal level. Therefore consuming a good amount will help people with hypertension.[6] CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL...The human body requires sugar to produce enough energy but it should be stable otherwise if unstable of high will cause diabetes. Therefore consuming African locust bean will help you control blood sugar level. [7] IMPROVES DIGESTION...Eating a good amount of African locust beans can improve digestion. Good digestion will give you a healthy body as the excretion process in the body will be facilitated which will prevent constipation.[8] HEALTHY WEIGHT...Underweight is not healthy and vice-versa which is sometimes not easy to be normal weight or just gain weight for underweight. Eating African locust bean will help you gain weight in a natural way.[9] HEALS WOUNDS.....As mentioned above it can be used to treat ulcer wounds internally by eating the beans as well as external wounds. The leaves when pounded can be applied on wounds and the bean can be paste on the wound to heal the wounds.[10] REDUCE FEVER....Consuming a good amount of African locust bean can reduce fever. It was traditionally used to reduce high fever which is still practiced in some rural African communities and also send away evil spirits because of its unpleasant smell.African locust beans consist of many vital nutrients which are cherished by the body. Therefore consuming healthy African locust beans will give you good health.Thank you for reading,God bless you.kindly share these post with friends on social media.remain blessed.

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